Software Design and Development

Software development is a commodity, there are plenty of websites that offer quick and inexpensive software development resources and solutions. Often this ends in a “you get what you pay for” scenario with the clients getting software that was produced in a way that might meet the short-term objective but does not allow for extensibility into the future. Outside of functionality concerns, cyber security issues are likely to exist in software developed by a commodity shop.

At RedX Software LLC, our aim is to provide secure, affordable, and extensible software solutions that meet the demands of your business today and can be easily adapted into the future. To achieve this high standard, we rely on our experience developing solutions in the financial sector and strategic partnerships to assist with development. All code developed by our firm goes through quality assurance by our management team which holds a combined 14 years of experience in developing secure and reliable applications.

See “Our Lifecycle” for more information on how a typical software engagement works.

Implementation Integration Services

In today’s world, there is a solution for just about every business case that a firm can provide. Many medium and small businesses don’t need custom development as they can find services to fit their needs. As these services start to accumulate, firms can find themselves in a position where they want to integrate the solutions to provide insight and efficiencies. This requires and in-depth understanding of the business case and requirements for integration.

RedX Software LLC aids with implementation and integration of existing products. This includes the following service scenarios:

  • Implementation of a new product or service
  • Integration of an existing product or service with another platform
  • Migration of a product or service to a new platform
  • Data extraction and mapping
  • Data warehousing

See “Our Lifecycle” for more information on how a typical software engagement works.

Project Management

Project managers in a small or medium sized business wear many hats. It can be difficult for an assigned Project Manager to stay abreast of the workload and tasks at hand, especially in a large technical project. Hiring an experienced project manager in house can be expensive and a smaller business may not have enough work to justify the expense.

RedX Software LLC can fulfill all facets of project management on behalf of a small or medium sized business. Working primarily on a project-to-project basis, our aim is to take a large or complex project off the shoulders of your assigned project manager and coordinate the project on your behalf. Project management is included with any end-to-end software design and development project that you purchase.

Software Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is a key offering for us and comes included with all our product lines. With our management staff coming from the financial sector, we understand the importance of having an indepth quality assurance program. For us, Quality assurance covers the following areas:

  • Front-end (UI) testing and verification
  • Server testing and verification
  • Cyber security testing and verification
  • Code reviews

After a solution is handed off from our software development team, it will move through our quality assurance team to ensure that you get a product that is secure, efficient, and high quality. Quality assurance services can also be purchased individually allowing you to contract our team to test and verify applications you purchased or developed.

Data Analytics

Closely related to integration, data analytics is increasing in importance for businesses of all sizes. Each industry has different requirements and desires of data analytics and we can help. Our services include:

  • Data modeling
  • Data warehousing
  • Data integration
  • Data mapping
  • Analytical report development

With a background in financial services, it is not out of the ordinary that we are asked to provide reporting or analytical information based on the transactional data in various systems. We understand the steps that are required to get to the analytical data and can help you work through what is required.

Cloud Infrastructure

The term “cloud” has taken on many meanings over the years. It is important that a company find the correct cloud infrastructure for their business and revisit their choice every few years. We have found many cases of companies overpaying for their cloud services because they don’t review their options as technology evolves and prices change. To most small and medium business, moving to the cloud might be as simple as getting email and web hosting. Other companies might need shared or dedicated server options.

As developers, our team has direct experience with selecting and configuring cloud services. We can help you find the cloud provider that is right for your business.