Financial Management

Our team has over a decade of experience with writing applications for financial institutions. We have produced systems and applications that handle transactions of all sizes and types from a few thousand dollars to billions of transactional dollars daily. The financial systems we build are reliable, accurate, and efficient meeting the SLAs and requirements defined by the business. Our products have routinely passed third party audits, Federal Reserve compliance examinations, and cybersecurity penetration testing.

Financial institutions looking for assistance in developing, maintaining, or integrating a new or existing financial system can rely on our team of experienced engineers to deliver a top-notch product at a reasonable cost. We will work with you to ensure that your business and regulatory requirements will be satisfied and will rely on our experience to provide recommendations through all phases of the software development lifecycle.

Reporting Technologies

Securely delivering reports and statements to customers is a requirement in many industries. Often this is handled through physical mail or a secure email service. Our team lead the development on a secure reporting solution that allows delivery of financial information to customers over a PCI compliant platform. The platform met the requirements of securely delivering reports and statements to customers but also laid the groundwork for a business analytics and cold storage platform to be developed in the future.

Though this solution was developed for the financial sector, a similar concept could be developed for any regulated industry. If your firm has a need for secure document delivery or a custom cold storage solution we would be happy to assist in development.

Courier Tracking Mobile App

The Courier Tracking Mobile App is designed for Couriers to manage their workflow. The mobile app is developed for Receiving Instant Tasks, Completing Tasks with Voice Command, Digital Signature, Taking Picture for Delivery Issues, and Instant Messaging.

Also, with GPS module, Receivers can track Couriers on the Online Map.

The application is developed with Java & Organic Coding. It is a lite application, and uses less battery.

The application has been used by 7 Courier Services in Turkey since 2011.

Vacation Calendar

This is an internal SaaS project in active development and expected by October 2019. It will allow a company to sign up their employees on the service which will initially allow for time off tracking and reporting. We plan to grow this product into a full-fledged HRIS system over the next few years as a project for our internal team. We are proud to publish this internal development item as we believe it showcases our eagerness to work on projects in different markets and stay abreast on new technologies.

Patient Information Mobile App

The Patient Information Mobile App is designed for Medical Staff to access patient information securely. The mobile app is developed for Reviewing Patient Data, Accessing Patient Test Results, Writing Prescription, Examining Numerical and Chart Reports, Instant Messaging and Getting Instant Notifications.

Also, with GPS module, Medical Staff can locate Patients, and other Medical Staff.

The application is developed with Java & Organic Coding. It is a lite application, and uses less battery.

The application has been live at three Hospitals in Turkey since 2016.

Student Information Systems

The Student Information System securely and reliably maintains operational data for colleges and universities. The software is designed for Enrolling classes, Attendance, Scheduling, Reporting Test Results, Sharing Course Notes, Online Forms, Admissions with Online Applications.

The application has been live at a University in Turkey since 2005, and the university has around 50 thousand students which are active users of the system.

Medical Dictation

With this app, physicians record dictations using SpeechMike devices. During recording, they can insert or overwrite dictations. They can also play dictations, rewind, fast forward, and change the playback rate. The application uses buffering technology to process big audio files with low CPU usage. The application also shows audio volume level with a visual indicator when recording to notify doctors.

When the dictation is completed, doctors can send the dictation to medical transcriptionists or use build-in medical translation engine to see the text version, and corrects issues in the editor.

When there is no internet connection, the application stores audios encrypted on the local drive until the connection is established.

Web Design

There are hundreds of template-oriented website building and content management system (CMS) services to choose from today. Often, these services get you 75% of the functionality you need with some minor customization required to get it perfect. If you have an existing website built on one of these services, we would be happy to assist with any custom needs that you might have. If you are looking to build a new website, we can help you pick the platform that is right for your needs.

We have experience in customizing some of the most popular CMS and Ecommerce systems that are in use today. This customization comes in the form of plugins or themes so that the functionality can easily be added or removed without impacting the core application.